What is the Secret Value of a Fine Wedding Invitation?

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I can’t tell you how many times I have had brides come in and tell us that they wanted to get the cheapest possible wedding invitation because “People will just write the wedding date on their calendar and then just throw them away.” I usually make a joke and tell them that if they trade in the fancy limousine they rented for their wedding and instead rent a jeep for their ride to the reception, they can save enough money to buy a decent invitation set that will properly represent their event. After a quick laugh, I will explain to them that a Wedding represents a group of events that is connected together like a string of pearls culminating in the event itself. The first notice of this upcoming fancy affair is the “Save the Date” and the “Invitation.” The Wedding Invitation sets the tone for your event. It lets your guests know if it will be classic, modern or casual and fun. It should make them look forward to your big day with great anticipation.

I know the reason for this frugal attitude. At the time in the wedding preparations when the Wedding Invitations are purchased, our future bride is starting to get some sticker shock. The catering hall with all of the options always turns out to be much more than expected. Then there is the wedding gown. The one that fits and looks just right always seems to be a bit more than affordable. Then of course the music, the photographer, the videographer, the limousine, the cake and countless other miscellaneous expenses that were never considered when making up the original budget. It really starts to become overwhelming so why not save some money with the invitation, even if it is a very small percentage of the total cost of the wedding? At least it makes you feel that you have a small amount of control over your costs.

Well, I hate to tell you this, but buying an inexpensive invitation actually does not save you any money and here is the reason why. On the eve of your event, your guests usually sit down at their kitchen table with your wedding invitation in hand and make out a check for the gift you are about to receive. They haven’t seen the beautiful gown that you have purchased. They cannot see the lovely floral centerpieces that cost you so much or the beautiful catering hall or as a matter of fact anything about your event. The only thing they are looking at is your invitation. Wedding experts agree that wedding gifts are generally given in $50.00 increments. If your guests see that you have made an effort to purchase a quality Wedding Invitation that goes along with the real value of your event, they will likely increase their gift by one increment. If 50 guests increase their gift, then you can easily recoup all of the costs of your invitations and wedding accessories. And of course if your Wedding Invitation undervalues your wedding, then people almost always give less.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go all out and buy the most expensive engraved, multi-layered name-brand invitation possible. We can gladly show you many ways to save while achieving the upscale high end effect for your invitations that you deserve. We can also save you on a “package deal” that might include place cards, calligraphy, direction cards and wedding programs. Make an appointment today. Our consultation is free of charge. We would love to work with you to achieve the perfect Wedding Invitation with a moderate price point.

– Les Forrai

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