Gratitude 101: How to Write a Thank You

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Grab some beautiful stationery, a comfortable pen, a comfy seat and show your gratitude with class and panache.

  1. Greet the Giver – a proper salutation is the first step in your note.
  2. Express your Gratitude – immediately start off with thanking the for their gift. If they gave money, thank them for their generosity but don’t mention money.
  3. Discuss Use – by mentioning how you will use the gift and something nice about it.
  4. Highlight your relationship – by talking about how they fit into your life. For example, “Seeing you at Jim’s graduation was such a treat, I can’t wait to meet up again.”
  5. Gratitude – again express a heartfelt thank-you.
  6. Closing – Wrap up your thank-you note with whatever sign-off that you prefer (love, yours truly, sincerely, with love, etc.)
  7. Get it in the Mail – don’t let it hang around, put a stamp on it and drop it in the mailbox or at the post office.

You will feel a sense of accomplishment and the recipient of your hand-written thank-you note will be touched.

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