Finishing Touches: Day-of Wedding Stationery & Accessories

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By now you’ve created your perfect invitation and you know the value of your invitation, and the tone of your event is set. Now is the time for some advanced planning to pull the details together beautifully and please your guests with “day-of” stationery and accessories.

Here is a synopsis of some of the most popular items:

Day-Of Stationery


Wedding Programs

Wedding Programs will give your guests and overview of the who’s who, order of events, memorabilia, and numerous variations of additional items. The general rule is to at least include a description of the wedding ceremony and a list of the members of the wedding party.

The program may or may not contain: order of events (processional music, greeting, readings, prayers, exchange of vows, ring ceremony, unity candle ceremony, pronouncement of marriage, and recessional music), also identify and honor those who are participating in the ceremony. Be sure to list the members of your wedding party, your officiant’s name, as well as the names of any musicians, soloists or readers.

Some programs also include a thank-you message to family and friends, as well as a reference to loved ones who are deceased or otherwise unable to attend the ceremony, explanations of special religious or ethnic wedding traditions, and/or special poems or readings.

Escort Cards

Escort cards let your guests know which table they will be seated and is something to consider if your wedding reception includes a seated meal.

These are small tented cards with your guest(s) name and the table number they are seated. They can be traditional or as fun and whimsical as you want.


Seating Chart

A seating chart instead of escort cards to let guests know their assigned table. Again, you can make it traditional or get playful with the design and presentation. It’s preferable to list guest alphabetically to make it easy for the to find their names.


Place Cards

When choosing to make a seating arrangement you can opt for assigning tables or assigning the seating at a table. Place cards let your guests know which seat is theirs. Having assigned seats helps to relieve the pressure some of your guests may feel about where to sit, and shows that you put a great deal of thought into ensuring that guests are well matched and likely to enjoy the conversation at their table.


Table Cards

Table cards go on the tables at your wedding reception and give the table a number or a name. You can be traditional in your approach or have some creative fun with table names or locations. The cards should be large enough to be seen while walking through the room and are sometimes set up higher on a wireframe pedestal or part of the centerpiece.


Menu Cards

Menu cards are often used for seated meals at wedding receptions or they can be cards that signify the type of dish one is serving at a buffet (see more on signs below). Adding this accessory to your wedding theme gives you a way to show attention to detail, coordinate your theme, add another piece of memorabilia for you and your guests, and have fun during the creation process.


Wedding Day Accessories



Personalizing your wedding cocktail/dessert napkins with a monogram or the couple’s names or a combination with some artwork. Considering ordering at least 2-3 wedding napkins per person, more if you plan on using them for dessert also.



Personalized coasters is trending at weddings. These can be personalized with motifs, monograms, the names of the bride and groom, and/or the wedding date. Letterpress is the most popular print option but you can be completely creative on this one.



At Plandome Paperie we focus on what we do best, and that is paper or all quantities and qualities. We can help you coordinate your wedding theme with favor boxes pulling it all together into a nice package.

Favor boxes or bags may be be personalized with the couple’s names, monogram or initials and wedding date.

Another option is for a donation to be made to charity in lieu of gifts and a favor card is passed out.


Guest Book

Long ago, everyone who attended a wedding was considered a witness and was required to sign the marriage document. Today, the concept of a guest book is used as a nostalgic keepsake for the wedding couple.

The options for guest books also vary widely, from traditional books with lines for guests to simply sign their names, to pages that provide more space for guests to write longer messages and/or for photos, to wildly creative ideas like placing a vintage typewriter at the reception where guests get to type in their names “old-school” style.



Couples and wedding experts are getting creative in their use of signs at wedding receptions. From quotes, to stories, to well designed info-graphics, to silly memes, signs are way to make your wedding something completely your own.

Whatever you choose to incorporate into your wedding ceremony and reception, your day-of stationery and accessories provide a perfect opportunity to infuse the decor with a bit of your {and your fiance’s} personality and style in a way that pulls all of the pieces together beautifully.



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