10 Reasons Discerning Brides Choose Plandome Paperie for their Wedding Invitations

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Plandome Paperie has been around since I can remember. As a little girl I used to dream of my wedding day and going to the Paperie for my invitations. Now that it has become a reality, I can honestly say the experience was beyond my imagination. The service was attentive, professional, knowledgeable and I felt like part of their family! They found a lifelong customer and friend.”
– Katie S, Bayside, New York

  1. Discerning Brides know the importance of working with experts.

At Plandome Paperie, we have a passion for fine stationery We’ve been business of designing and printing invitations and fine stationery for three decades and we love what we do. Our expertise is with paper, printing methods, calligraphy, etiquette and proper invitation phrasing. This is our business and we know it well.

We can help you create an invitation that is sure to impress your friends and family.

  1. Discerning Brides are entitled to an extraordinary experience.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest events of your life; you deserve to have white glove service when creating and ordering your wedding invitations. Our store’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will be your guide through every step of the process. Our personalized service will guarantee an extraordinary experience.

  1. Discerning Brides know 100% satisfaction guarantee means peace of mind.

At Plandome Paperie, we want you to be satisfied with your wedding invitations. If your invitations are not produced to the specifications you have ordered, we will gladly reprint them immediately. We work with you to check and double check the wording and the colors, print process and paper you have chosen to ensure your invitations are exactly as requested.

  1. Discerning Brides want choices of high-quality wedding invitations.

Plandome Paperie has been part of the North Shore community for over two decades. Over the years we have compiled catalogs from the very best manufacturers and invitation lines. We do a quality check on all our products and we do not offer lines that are below our quality standards.

You will not need to waste your time sifting through a bunch of coal to find the diamonds – we’ve already found them for you.

  1. Discerning Brides want invitations that fit into their budget.

We house a variety of invitations that range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for a party of 100. The average price is roughly $800 to $1200 and includes envelopes and reply sets.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, low quality wedding invitation because you feel they are of little value to your affair, then we’re probably not the best place for your wedding invitations. If you recognize that your invitation is the first glimpse that your guests will have into your wedding day and that first impressions make a big difference, now you’re speaking our language.

That being said, we are not more expensive because we’re a boutique. (We’re just more fun and friendly!) Our prices are not any higher {and are often lower than} what you’d find at other stores, at a larger chain, or even online.

We have worked with many brides on a limited budget to help them achieve the invitation of their dreams by showing them ways to cut costs – another little side benefit of that expertise we were mentioning.

  1. Discerning Brides know the benefits of a full-service shop.

At Plandome Paperie, we offer custom design, calligraphy services, a vast catalogue of paper stocks, and printing methods such as digital, offset, engraving, letterpress, and thermography. We can help design, coordinate and print your engagement party invitations, save-the-date cards, wedding invitations and enclosures, programs, reception accessories (menus, escort cards, place cards, table cards), welcome kits and thank-you notes.

We at Plandome Paperie can fulfill all your invitation needs in one place, to your exact specifications and requirements.

  1. Discerning Brides know that a relationship with a long established business can benefit them over and over again.

Plandome Paperie has been a staple of the North Shore of Long Island and Queens for decades. We’ve been here through the thick and thin of the economy and have no plans on closing. Many of our brides come here because their mothers are long-time customers that appreciate our excellent services, professional staff and high quality products.

Our staff is like our family and we plan on staying together. This means that our customers will be expertly guided through the complex rules of wedding etiquette and be assured of a correctly worded invitation.

We encourage you to stop by and say hello and meet us. Make an appointment so you can have personalized one-on-one time with a wedding invitation consultant. We’ve been here for thousands of brides over the years and plan on being here for your children when they are grown and ready to have a wedding of their own.

  1. Discerning Brides want to deal with a company that will help keep them on track.

We’re a boutique invitation store. Our business is fine stationery and expertise is what we offer when people turn to us for their wedding invitations. This means that we will be with you every step of the way and are there to help provide a timeline, keep you informed, offer suggestions regarding the various stationery that goes along with a wedding and send you reminders when dates are approaching.

Most of our brides and wedding planners think this is one of our best services!

We know you’re busy – let us “sweat the small stuff!”

  1. Discerning Brides love making purchases that give back.

Our goal is to give back to our customers, the community, the earth and still make a reasonable profit. We offer a complete line of invitations that are eco-friendly. Our involvement in the surrounding community is important and we like to give back by donating to local charitable groups. Our employees are local people and keeping our brick and mortar store open is more important than becoming an online outlet that solely exists for profit.

When you buy from Plandome Paperie, think of it as purchasing something that you love and making a difference in the lives of others.

  1. Discerning Brides love the chance to get invitations for free.

Free? Yes, we really did say that.

The heart of our success has been referrals by satisfied customers. As such, we offer a program in which our referral service can help get you your invitations for free. If you refer six people who order their wedding invitations from Plandome Paperie within a year of your wedding, we will give you a check for the exact amount you have spent on your wedding invitations.

Only a store that is secure in their products and in their service will offer such a program. We are that store!

Wrapping it all up

Discerning brides are our favorite customers. We appreciate a person who understands the importance of professional service, expert advice and a friendly atmosphere. Call or email us to make an appointment and you’ll see why we have thousands of satisfied brides that come back over and over again for their invitational needs throughout their lifetimes.

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